Humble Warrior



It’s a yoga pose: one leg in front, bent; the other stretched behind you. A deep bow at the waist, head down, with hands interlocked and arms stretched high behind and above you.

It’s also an attitude.

In Living in the Light, Shakti Gawain explains how we all have male and female energy within us. The “male” energy is our ego: our ability to take action in this world. The “female” energy is our intuition: our inner guidance that comes from some higher power.

To understand this, you have to put aside your socialized views of men and women, of GI Joe and Barbie, and however you feel about that. This is about energy, not gender.

The proper synergistic relationship between our inner male and female, Shakti says, is when our inner female says “I want that” and our inner male says “I’ll get it for you.”

In so many people, what you see is the ego running wild and deciding everything, with the intuition a lonely, unheard voice in the background. An inner male dominating and subjugating, or simply ignoring, an inner female. And of course, there are plenty of demonstrations of this in the physical world: men or women who are aggressive, pushy, narcissistic, domineering, etc.

Or sometimes you see people with a strong inner sense but no ability to take action. The sweet, kind people who can’t seem to get their career going, to get over their illness, to make any money, or get ahead with their lives. The beautiful losers. Strong inner female, weak inner male.

What we want to have is a confident ego in service to, and in support of, a strong intuition. Fearless action based on steady wisdom.

In other words, humble warrior.

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