PechaKucha Night Orlando v12

Mofo-PechaKucha FEB. V12-Final-Choice-L

We will be “showing Orlando some love” a week before Valentine’s Day with a great lineup of presenters:

David Alecock: Being Present for Love

Emily Empel: The Futurist’s Paradise

Max Jackson: Love and the Human Brain

Kristen Walmsley-Manieri: A Yearning Curve

Carolyn Moor: A Modern Love Story

Susan Rienzo: Color Sings to Me

Joe Tankersley: Data Love

Thomas Thorspecken: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Orlando

Mike Van den Abbeel: Would You Please Sign this Petition?

In addition, we’ll have entrees from Tamale Co., cupcakes from Yum Yum, coffee from Lineage Roasting, and beer/wine from Shipyard!

Complete event information is available here: